General rules and regulations governing the CIRED 2019 Technical Exhibition

The Association des Ingénieurs de Montefiore (hereinafter “AIM”) entrusted Pro4events with the conception, organisation and management of the “CIRED 2019 Exhibition”. Pro4events is responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations.


1.1:The present rules and regulations shall apply to the CIRED 2019 Exhibition (hereinafter the “Event”) to be held from June 3 to June 6, 2019 organized by Pro4events, a company having its registered office at 3 rue rené boulanger, 75010 Paris. By filling their registration application on and returning it to Pro4events, the exhibitors accept all the requirements laid down therein as well as all those that might be imposed by special or new circumstances. In addition, the exhibitors undertake to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and, particularly, labour laws. The present rules and regulations, to be displayed on the Event premises, are also applicable to visitors. Pro4events shall not be held liable for applying the provisions of the present general rules and regulations.
1.2: Pro4events is entitled to enforce the rules relating to the place, the duration, the opening and closing times of the Event, the price of the stands and the others services, and the admission price as well as the date of closing registrations, pursuant to the decisions taken by AIM. Pro4events alone shall determine the categories of persons or companies allowed to exhibit and / or visit the Event, as well as the nomenclature of the products or services presented.


2.1: The admission application is to be filled solely by using the official form drawn up by Pro4events, excluding any others. Neither a request for communication of a registration form, nor dispatch thereof, nor collection of a reservation check shall constitute registration. The application is available on, it has to be filled out, signed and returned to Pro4events.
2.2: Pro4events shall process the applications and rule on the admissions. Registration shall not become effective unless and until a written confirmation is sent to the exhibitor by Pro4events.
2.3: Pro4events hereby reserves the right to reject, temporarily or definitively, any registration application that does not comply with the required conditions, either as provided in the stipulations set out in the official registration form, or in consideration of the public interest, or of certain protected interests and or insufficient space available.
2.4: In particular, reasons for definitive or provisional rejection shall include, without limitation, incomplete communication of the required information, failure to make payments or provide guarantees as required by Pro4events, non-observance of prior obligations and, in particular, of the present general rules and regulations, non-compliance of the applicant or of its products or services with the purpose, spirit or image of the Event, any bankruptcy petition filled by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s proven state of cessation of payments, any failure to obtain administrative or legal authorizations that might be necessary for participation in the Event, the risk of any harm, owing to the exhibitor’s presence, to the protected interests of consumers and of youth, and, more generally, to the public interest, to the tranquility of the other exhibitors, or to the safety and pleasure of the visitors.
2.5: The exhibitor must inform Pro4events about any facts or circumstances, occurring or disclosed after the exhibitor’s registration, of such nature as to justify reconsidering the exhibitors’ admission in accordance with articles 2.3 and 2.4 of the present rules and regulations.
2.6: In addition, Pro4events hereby reserves the right at any time to request any additional information relating to the foregoing and, as the case may be, choose to reverse an admission decision made on the basis of any deceptive or erroneous indications or indications that may have become inaccurate. Notwithstanding such decision, any advance payment made by the exhibitor shall be wholly forfeited and remain the property of Pro4events, which also hereby reserves the right to take any steps to obtain payment of the totality of the price.
2.7: Any right resulting from the registration is personal and non-transferrable. Admission shall not create any right to admission to any later event.
2.8: Groupings may exhibit on collective stands only if each member thereof belongs to the same group or professional organization. Collective stands should be approved by Pro4events.
2.9: Any company wishing to be presented at the stand of an exhibitor directly participating in the Event shall register as a company represented by the corresponding exhibitor. In this event, the registration of the company shall be made by the direct exhibitor acting as representative and on behalf of the company. Represented companies are limited to 5 by direct exhibitors.


3.1: Any admission application made shall, under penalty of immediate rejection, include an advance payment corresponding to 50 % of the aggregate fee for the total stand area applied for.
3.2: In the event of any withdrawal of the exhibitor before the assignment of stands, the 50 % advance payment shall be wholly forfeited and shall remain Pro4events’s property. Without prejudice to the foregoing, in the event that the withdrawal takes place fifteen (15) days after the assignment of a stand to the exhibitor, the participation fee shall be payable in full by the exhibitor notwithstanding such withdrawal. Any failure to pay the balance of the participation fee within the set deadline, or to effect any given payment within the corresponding deadlines, shall entail, without any advance notice, automatic forfeiture of the right to exhibit, it being understood that any advance payment already made shall be forfeited and irrevocably remain Pro4events’s property.
3.3: Furthermore, Pro4events hereby reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings for payment of the balance of the price, notwithstanding the failure by any exhibitor to participate in the Event for any reason whatsoever. In the event that any exhibitor, for any reason whatsoever, does not occupy its stand on the Event’s opening day, or by the installation deadline set by Pro4events, the exhibitor shall be considered as having withdrawn from the Event. Without prejudice to any other measures that may be taken, at the exhibitor’s sole risk, Pro4events may dispose of the defaulting exhibitor’s stand without the exhibitor being entitled to request any reimbursement or indemnity, even if the stand is assigned to another exhibitor.
3.4: Any special equipment, such as, and the various services relating to the Event shall be ordered in accordance with the model order forms contained in the Exhibitors guide.
3.5: Three participation packages are offered to the exhibitors:
RAW SPACE -Raw space -Event guide registration -invitation cards for the exhibition; – exhibitors badges – one copy of the Event guide; – Access to the opening forum – Access to the welcome reception – Minimum 18 sq.m Price: 460€ (excluding VAT) / sq.m
SHELL SCHEME = Raw space + Partitioning and division walls + Carpet + One sign per open side + 3 spotlights on rail / 9 sq.m Minimum 9 sq.m Price: 560€ (excluding VAT) / sq.m
SHELL SCHEME PREMIUM  = Raw space + partitioning and division walls with company logos and graphics + 1 welcome desk with a shelf with company logos and graphics + Carpet, personalized choice between 9 colors + Storage room (1 sq.m up to 15 sq.m / 2 sq.m for larger stand) + 1 spotlight / 4 sq.m) – Minimum 9 sq.m – Price 855€ / sq.m
3.6: The following schedule of payment shall be applicable to all exhibitors of the Event: -First payment: 50 % upon filling the order form; -Second payment: 50 % by or before February 13, 2019. Registration conditions:
3.7: Terms of payment The payment of the fees invoiced shall be made by wire transfer, by credit card (2 % additional fee) or by cheque for the France based companies. Payment of related costs and / or special equipment shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the corresponding order forms.


4.1: Pro4events shall draw up the Event plan and assign the locations.
4.2: In the absence of stipulation to the contrary, registration shall not grant any right to use of a given location. Participation in previous events does not create any right to the exhibitor’s benefit to a given location.
4.3: In the constitution of the lots and the assignment of the locations, Pro4events attempts to take into account the wishes expressed by the exhibitor, the nature and interest of the products or services the exhibitor plans to present, and the arrangement of the stand the exhibitor plans to install.
4.4: Pro4events reserves the right to modify the layout of the surface areas whenever it considers such modification to be in the interest of the Event, even after sending the floor plan to the exhibitors.
4.5: If the venue of the Event lends itself thereto, the drawings that are communicated and the designation of the lots shall include dimensions that are as precise as possible.
4.6: Pro4events shall not be held responsible for minor differences that might be noted between the indicated dimensions of the location and the actual ones, or for modifications occurring in the environment of the stands (modification of the neighboring stands, reconfiguration of the aisles…) as registrations have entered.
4.7: Pro4events hereby reserves the right to assign a location with a difference of + or – 20% as compared to the surface initially applied for by the exhibitor.


5.1: The Exhibitors guide provided by Pro4events shall determine the time available to the exhibitor, before the opening of the Event, for fitting out its stand and storing any products needed during the Event.
5.2: The exhibitor is required to comply with Pro4events’s instructions relating to regulating arrivals and departures of merchandise, particularly, without limitation, with respect to vehicle traffic on the Event premises.
5.3: The exhibitors or their principals must have completed their installation on the dates and at the times set by Pro4events. After the deadline set by Pro4events, no packing, equipment, transport vehicles or outside contractors may access, be maintained on or maintain themselves on the Event site, for any reason whatsoever and however harmful that may be to the exhibitors’ interests.
5.4: Each exhibitor or its principal shall see to the transport, reception, and shipment of its parcels as well as to acknowledgement of their contents. All parcels shall have to be unpacked upon arrival. If the exhibitors or their agents are not present to receive their parcels, Pro4events shall be entitled to have them stored, unpacked or sent back on Pro4events’s own initiative at the exhibitor’s sole risk and costs.
5.5: The installation of the stands must not in any case damage or modify the permanent installations of the Event premises, and must not detract from the convenience or the safety of the other exhibitors and visitors. Any damage to the facility will be invoiced to the exhibitor directly according to the IFEMA Convention Center in Madrid invoice.
5.6: Special decoration of the stands is carried out by the exhibitors and on their sole responsibility. In any event, the decoration must be in compliance with the general decorations of the Event, the visibility of the neighboring stands and the corresponding technical rules, if any.
5.7: In enclosed exhibition spaces, all materials used, including hangings and carpeting, must comply with applicable rules and regulations, and Pro4events reserves a permanent right to have any equipment or installations that are not in compliance removed or destroyed.
5.8: In addition, Pro4events reserves the right to do away with or modify installations that detract from the general appearance of the Event, interfere with the neighboring exhibitors or visitors, or do not comply with the drawings or particular projects previously submitted.
5.9: The exhibitor shall have to be present on its stand at the time of the inspection by the departments responsible for safety, and shall have to comply throughout the Event with the safety measures required by the authorities or adopted by Pro4events.
5.10: Concerning RAW SPACE only, the final plans, including indications of space dimensions, height, elevation, or environment in perspective, shall be submitted for approval to Pro4events by or before March 15, 2019. Pro4events hereby reserves the right to modify any stand that fails to comply with the present rules and regulations by any company of Pro4events’s choice and at the sole expense of the exhibitor. Any ground boring is strictly prohibited and no derogation or exception shall be permitted.


6.1: It is expressly forbidden to transfer, sublet or exchange, with or without consideration, all or part of the location assigned by Pro4events.
6.2: In the absence of written advance authorization by Pro4events, the exhibitor shall not display, at its location, any equipment, products or services other than the ones listed in the admission application and conforming to the nomenclature of products or services established by Pro4events, or to the Conferences themes.
6.3: The exhibitor shall not, in any form whatsoever, present products or services or advertise any companies or contractors that are not exhibitors, except with Pro4events’s written in advance.
6.4: The stands must be kept in perfect condition throughout the Event; it being understood that the cleaning of each stand, at the exhibitor’s sole expense, shall be carried out every day and be completed at the time the Event is opened to the public.
6.5: Any bulk packing, covers used during closing hours, objects not used in stand presentation and the staff’s cloakroom must be out of visitors’ sight. Conversely, it is hereby forbidden to leave the objects on display covered during the opening hours of the Event. Pro4events reserves the right to remove whatever might cover the objects without being liable, in any way, for damage or losses that might result from such action. The exhibitors and their employees must display proper behavior and perfect correctness to the visitors (not bothering the customer or going beyond the stand) and to the other exhibitors.
6.6: The stand must be continuously manned, both during the times for which it is opened to the exhibitors (including assembly, deliveries, and disassembly) and during the official opening times for visitors. Non-observance of this provision may entail temporary or definitive exclusion by Pro4events.
6.7: The exhibitors shall not empty their stands and must not withdraw any of their articles before the end of the Event, even in case it is extended. Non-observance of this provision, if it occurs, shall be recorded in writing by Pro4events, and on that basis Pro4events shall be entitled, in particular, to reject the exhibitor’s participation in any future events.


7.1: Nobody may be admitted to the Event premises without presenting an authorization issued or accepted by Pro4events.
7.2: Pro4events reserves the right to either prohibit entrance to the Event or to see to the eviction of any person, visitor or exhibitor, whose presence or behavior may be harmful to the safety, tranquility or image of the Event.
7.3: “Exhibitors badges” granting the right to enter the exhibition are delivered to the exhibitors under the conditions set out by Pro4events.
7.4: Invitations intended for the persons or companies that they wish to invite are delivered to the exhibitors under the conditions laid down by Pro4events.
7.5: Distribution and / or sale of the invitations and of the special cards issued by Pro4events is strictly forbidden on the premises and in the surroundings of the Event. Reproduction or sale of the said invitations and special cards shall be subject to prosecution.
7.6: The distribution of any brochure by the exhibitors is hereby expressly prohibited in the surroundings of the Event or in the aisles or on the booths.


8.1: Pro4events alone has the exclusive right to write, publish and distribute, with or without consideration, the Event catalogue. It shall be entitled to grant all or part of the said right as well as the advertising included in the said catalogue. The information necessary for drawing up the catalogue shall be supplied by the exhibitors on their own responsibility and, under penalty of non-publication, within the deadlines set by Pro4events.
8.2: The exhibitor hereby explicitly waives any claim against Pro4events or against the producers or distributors relating to the distribution, for purposes of the Event, in France and abroad, by television broadcast, videos or any other support (books, brochures), of its image, of the image of its stand, trade name, trademark, staff, or products or services, and guarantees and holds harmless Pro4events against any claim by the exhibitor’s agents, subcontractors and co-contracting parties, and further undertakes in advance to make the present obligation binding on them.
8.3: Pro4events reserves the sole right to display any posters on the premises hosting the Event. Hence the exhibitor may use, and only on its own stand, only the posters and trade names of its own, to the exclusion of any others, in accordance with the general decoration requirements and restrictions.
8.4: Any circulars, brochures, catalogues, printed matter, premiums or objects of any nature whatsoever may be distributed by the exhibitors only on their own stand. No prospectus relating to products that are not on display may be distributed without Pro4events’s written authorization.
8.5: Distribution or sale of newspapers, periodicals, prospectuses, lottery tickets, emblems, or participation forms, even if relating to a charitable work or event, as well as inquiries qualifying as opinion polls are forbidden, on the premises of the Event and its immediate surroundings, in the absence of an authorization granted by Pro4events.
8.6: Any light or sound advertising and any programming, entertainment or demonstrations that could cause crowding in the aisles must be submitted by the exhibitor for prior approval by Pro4events, which shall be entitled to revoke any authorization that might be granted in case of disturbance to traffic or to holding the Event.
8.7: Audible advertising and soliciting in any manner whatsoever are strictly forbidden. The exhibitors must not in any case obstruct the aisles or encroach on them, without an exceptional, written prior authorization issued by Pro4events.
8.8: The exhibitors must carefully see to fairly informing the public on the quality, the sales conditions and the warranties relating to their products or services in a complete and objective way, conforming to applicable rules and regulations. The exhibitors must not perform any advertising or carry out any action whatsoever that could mislead or constitute unfair competition.
8.9: The exhibitors undertake to present only products, services or equipment compliant with French or European rules and regulations, unless, if the case arises, there is a clear indication of their non-homologation by means of a signpost. The exhibitors shall bear sole and full responsibility for the foregoing provision with respect to any third party claim and Pro4events shall not incur any liability whatsoever for any such claim.
8.10: It shall be the exhibitor’s sole responsibility to carry out, whenever necessary, the formalities of its participation in the Event, particularly in accordance with applicable labour regulations, customs requirements with respect to equipment or products coming from abroad, and hygiene and security rules. Pro4events may not be held liable, at any time, for any difficulties that may arise in this respect.


9.1: The exhibitor shall ensure protection of intellectual property rights relating to the equipment, products and services displayed (patents, trademarks, models…), in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions. The said measures must be adopted before presentation of the equipment, products or services, and Pro4events declines any liability whatsoever in this respect, particularly, without limitation, in case of a dispute with another exhibitor or a visitor.
9.2: The exhibitors must deal directly with the Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique (S.A.C.E.M), if they use music in connection with the Event, even for mere demonstrations of sound equipment, and Pro4events declines any liability whatsoever in this respect.
9.3: Photography (pictures or films) may only be allowed, on the basis of a written authorization by Pro4events, on the Event premises. Proof of all photographs will have to be delivered to Pro4events within two weeks following the end of the Event. The said authorization may be withdrawn at any time by Pro4events.
9.4: Pro4events shall be entitled to prohibit photography by visitors.
9.5: Photography of certain objects on the stands may be forbidden at the exhibitor’s request and initiative.


10.1: Pro4events includes in the rate per square meter an insurance covering exhibited items against theft with break-in and damages up to €400 per square meter with a €200 deductible per loss and per exhibitor. Pro4events also includes in the rate per square meter an insurance covering damages that exhibitors or exhibitors’ staff could cause to third parties. Under no circumstances will the Company Pro4events be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever. Please note that mobile phones, badge readers, computers, tablets and any small electronic devices are not covered. Pro4events is organizing General Security but each exhibiting company is in charge of its own security and safety.

10.2: Exhibitors and their respective insurance company make the commitment to give up any appeal and will not take any legal action against the venue IFEMA in Madrid and/or against IFEMA insurance company and/or against the owner of the place and/or against the owner of the place insurance company and/or against Pro4events company and/or against Pro4events insurance company.


11.1: The exhibitor or its duly accredited representative is required to be present on its stand as of the start of dismantling, and until complete evacuation of the stand.
11.2: The evacuation of the stands, merchandise, articles and special decorations, as well as the trash remaining from the materials used to decorate the stands shall have to be carried out by the exhibitors within the periods and at the times indicated by Pro4events. After the deadlines, Pro4events shall be entitled to have the objects shipped to a custodian of its choice at the exhibitor’s expense and risk, and Pro4events may not be held liable for any deterioration or total or partial loss.
11. 3: The exhibitors shall have to leave the locations, decors and materials made available to them in the same state as the exhibitors found them. Any deterioration caused by the exhibitors’ installations or merchandise, either to the equipment or to the building, or to the floor surface occupied, shall be evaluated by Pro4events’s technical departments and the exhibitors responsible for such deterioration shall bear all costs involved.


12.1: AIM may cancel or postpone the Event if AIM notes that the number of registrations is manifestly insufficient. In this event, any registered exhibitors shall be reimbursed for the amount of their advance payment or participation. Until the day of closing date of registrations, the exhibitor bears the entire risk relating to any possible non-realization of the Event, and particularly, without limitation, the sole burden of all expenses incurred in anticipation of the Event.
12.2: Pro4events may also cancel or postpone the Event in case of force majeure. Cases of force majeure justifying, at any time, cancellation or postponement of the Event are any new, economic, political or social situations, at local, national or international level, not reasonably predictable, beyond Pro4events’s control, that make it impossible to put on the Event or that entail risks of disturbance or disorder that may seriously affect the organization and proper holding of the Event or the safety of property and persons.
12.3: Any violation of the provisions of the present rules and regulations, or of the specifications of the technical guide issued by Pro4events may, without prejudice to any other action, entail closure of the stand of the defaulting exhibitor, with police assistance, if the need arises.
12.4: The foregoing particularly applies in the event of any lack of insurance, non-conformity of the fittings, non-observance of safety rules, non-occupation of the stand, presentation of products not in compliance with the ones listed in the admission application, etc.
12.5: In such event, the amount paid for the exhibitor’s participation shall be kept by Pro4events, without prejudice to payment of the balance of the price, of any amounts still due or of any other damages.
12.6: Whatever the justification may be, any complaints made by an exhibitor against another exhibitor, or made by Pro4events, shall be discussed away from the Event and may not in any way be allowed to disturb the tranquility or the image of the Event.
12.7: The exhibitor explicitly agrees not to initiate Court action before first having followed a friendly conciliation procedure.
12.8: In case of any dispute, the Courts of Paris shall hold sole jurisdiction.
12.9: Any difficulties in the construction of the present general rules and regulations either in this English version thereof shall be resolved by reference to the meaning of the French version of the general rules and regulations.


Start-ups are selected: a dedicated committee will select each start-up according to the requirements listed below.
Requirements :
> have an independent legal body
> be maximum 5 years old
> size of 50 people maximum
> be aimed at creating, improving and expanding a scalable, innovative, technology-enabled product in the field of CIRED activities
> have never been a CIRED exhibitor before
> A start-up who would already have reserved a booth for CIRED 2019 exhibition can take part, but cannot cancel its booth
> comply with the exhibitors’ rules in the exhibitor’s guide on-line & accept the general conditions
> It is not possible to display material > only small devices & products for display are accepted (drones, hot air balloons are not allowed to be used).

Pro4events hereby reserves the right to reject, temporarily or definitively, any registration application that does not comply with the required conditions or if given information is erroneous.
Location : Start-ups will exhibit under the Start-up Feria pavilion.
Pro4events reserves the right to modify the layout of the surface areas and location of the start-up booth and of the start-up pavilion.
Limited space : first come, first served (space is reserved for a maximum of 30 start-ups)
Pro4events has the right to refuse a registration if the space dedicated to start-ups is all booked.
Therefore, start-ups have the possibility to exhibit on a regular booth as any regular exhibitor and pay a regular price.
Start-ups can also exhibit under the Start-up Feria pavilion and at the same time, they have the possibility, if they want, to exhibit on a regular booth with a regular price inside the exhibition.
They will receive 2 different invoices (1 for the start-up booth & 1 for the regular booth).
Registration confirmation : Registration shall not become effective unless and until a written confirmation is sent to the exhibitor by Pro4events.
Package : one desktop display with name of your company – 1 high chair – power with outlet- exhibition badges – advertisement of your company in the Event Guide.
Size of the desktop : width 1m x height 2m
The exhibitor is required to comply with Pro4events’s instructions so as to keep the general appearance of the Event.
Price = 500 euros (VAT excluded) due on registration, non-refundable.
Terms of payment : the payment of the fees invoiced shall be made by wire transfer, by credit card (2% additional fee) or by cheque for the France based companies.
Opening hours : during 2 days (4 & 5 June from 9 am to 6 pm) under the Start-up pavilion.
Awards : 2 CIRED start-up awards will be given to the best start-ups.  Participants to CIRED 2019 event will vote through the app.

Pro4events hereby reserves the right to reject, temporarily or definitively, any registration application that does not comply with the required conditions, general rules and regulations governing the CIRED 2019 Technical Exhibition (see general rules on and / or that does not comply with the Exhibitors’rules in the exhibitor’s guide on-line (see exhibitors’ rules on

This document is contractual, it is forbidden to use, copy all or part of this document.
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